10 Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

Getting started on guitar is tough. The guitar is a difficult instrument for beginners as it is quite unforgiving. Your soft skin is not prepared to be fighting against the metal strings and to add salt to your wounds, your guitar might even have a high action making it even more difficult for you to … Read more

Best 7/8 Guitars & Why You Should Buy Them?

7/8 Guitars

A ⅞ guitar is a smaller version of regular size guitars that is targeted mainly at kids, women, and people with small hands. The size difference between ⅞ guitars and standard regular size guitars are the smallest. These guitars are specced almost exactly as standard size guitars and they play surprisingly well. In terms of … Read more

5 Best Left Handed Guitar For Kids

Best Left Handed Guitar For Kids

Finding the right size guitar for your child is hard, it is even harder if your child is left-handed. In general, left-handed guitarists have fewer options for guitars when they need to buy an ax for themselves. So, it is not surprising that companies that are not much invested in making adult-sized left-handed guitars will … Read more

Best Bass Guitars For Kids

Best Bass Guitars For Kids

The Bass guitar, to be more precise, the electric bass guitar is one of my favorite instruments. The possibilities are endless with a bass guitar if an experienced bass player is playing the instrument. Many people, especially guitarists, often look down on bass guitars and treat it like the easier version of a guitar, which … Read more

6 Best Guitars For Toddlers

Best Guitars For Toddlers

As a parent and guardian, you always wish to do the best for your child, giving them the best platform possible to be the best version of themselves. You hear and read a lot of information about what is and what is not good for your child. Music and musical instruments are some of the … Read more