Best Guitars for Worship

Best Guitars for Worship

Set the worship music for the church reach new religious heights with the Best Guitars for worship and praise.

With the clear lift in the manufacturing of the overall quality of guitars, it is definitely not a difficult task to make almost any guitar sound good. However, it is possible for you to get lost in the vast varieties but stay calm, because at least you are looking for a guitar with a fixed intention.

Yes, it would be very convenient for you if you try and fix a budget before you search for the product you need to buy. Also, do not forget to jot down the prior features that you are looking for. If you need guidance regarding the specs you can straight away jump to the purchasing guide.

Regarding the confusion, there is nothing to worry about . Anyway, I am there to help you. You have 6 different guitars and most of them unintentionally ended up being from Schecter, for which I have already filed an apology in the article. But do have a look at them and decide your pick!

Best Guitars for Worship

Fender Vintage ’60s Jazzmaster – Ice Blue Metallic: Best Electric Guitar for Worship

  • Two ‘60s jazz master single-coil pickups
  • “Mid ’60s C”-shaped Maple neck with painted headstock; 7. 25”-Radius Fingerboard with 21 vintage-style Frets
  • Alder Body
  • Jazz master floating tremolo and Bridge
  • Includes deluxe Gig Bag

Does Fender Vintage ’60s Jazzmaster efficiently re-voice the 60’s style?

Absolutely yes. This guitar not just re-voices Fender’s Golden era as it claims, it also tailors a very comfortable playability. Talking about the tone and style, I would say the reason it’s perfect for the best worship and praise guitar is it’s amazing pickup to set you in a smooth and steady mood for its music.

Fretboard: Fretboard is where the diamonds lie: 21 vintage-style Frets and Two ‘60s jazz master single-coil pickups enable a tone which sounds much like the typical 60’s. The neck pickup is more of a smooth type whereas the bridge pickup is a sharp one. It is useless stressing on a single feature again and again, but for a proper worship and prayer guitar this feature can form a parallel fit!

Superior construction:

You can certainly enjoy the grip and finishing of the Guitar in your hands. The setup feels so convenient to work with and I already discussed the intonation with you where I especially spoke on the fretboard. What gives it a solid tone is the Maple top neck which has a C-shape. The shape of the neck lets you wrap your fingers comfortably around it and bow the strings.

  • Comfortable C shaped neck
  • 21 vintage-style Frets
  • Radius of 7.5 inches
  • Two ‘60s jazz master single-coil pickups
  • Almost none, because if you like the concept behind the construction of the guitar you are going to like everything about it; otherwise all the hard work would seem a waste to you.

Schecter PT Fastback IIB Review with Bigsby: Best Praise and Worship Guitar

  • 25.5-inch Scale Maple Neck
  • 22 Extra Jumbo Frets
  • Creme Binding
  • Block Inlays
  • SuperRock Custom Alnico pickups
  • Coil split options
  • What is the most special feature of this guitar?

There must be something when I say its handsdown the best guitar for worship, isn’t it?

Whenever I have to speak about the top most feature of this guitar it will always be the dedication that the manufacturers have invested in the construction of the guitar. When I say the construction, I mean all the letters of the word by bottom of my heart. Especially when you look at it from the price point of view it appears a gem in your eyes.

22 Extra Jumbo Frets and 25.5-inch Scale:

Maple Neck perfectly combine with Coil splitting and together all these specs the guitar maintains a modern as well as classic tone. As far as the comfort and the playability is concerned, I did not see anybody having a complaint about it. In fact you’re going to love the robust and Telecaster build. The smoother contouring of the neck does not disturb the Vintage styles of this instrument.

Fast and versatile tones:

You get an amazing electronic and varied array of tones where the Coil Slitting feature contributes in accentuating the deluxe realm of the guitar. I appreciate the famous characteristic of it, that you can bow the single coil tones by splitting each humbucker. Block Inlays and SuperRock Custom Alnico pickups further contributes to make this guitar a versatile instrument with clear and fast tones that are not just earful and solid but they also compliment uses such as worship and praise.

Value for money:

Schecter guitars are any day a complete value for money product and you have to trust this fact when I am saying this. I literally spend days and nights analyzing my expenditures and investments before practically making one. I truly find the guitar a complete value for money. First of all, because of the comfort that it has; secondly I like the technical construction that leaves no gap for a smooth, reckless and Stellar tone.

  • Comfortable construction
  • Smooth Controlling
  • Fast And Versatile Pickup Patterns
  • Value For Money
  • Almost none, and I am so proud of it because I seriously feel disheartened to criticize the top most products of the list!

D’Angelico 6 String Solid-Body: Best Worship Guitar (Electric)

Product info:

  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Basswood Body
  • Tremolo – Matte Stone
  • Ovangkol Fingerboard
  • 1 Single-coil Pickup
  • 2 P-90 Pickups

What tones can be covered by D’Angelico 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar?

That would be a more logical and beneficial question for any purchaser. The strength of this guitar is its versatility in tones. Hence, it covers our requirement for one of the best worship and praise guitars. You can enjoy a vast array of tones such as the Classics, Jazz Blues, Countrysides, Romantic and even Rock to some extent. Thus, you can really experiment with your musical style!

I must say! All thanks to 1 Single-coil Pickup and 2 P-90 Pickups.

One of my friends, who is a band leader in a church, uses the D’Angelico as one of his primary electric guitars. I am telling you this just to let you know how good it is!

Solid Construction:

As much as I have observed, a major part of the tones and sound of the guitar depends on its construction. Here we are studying high-performance solid body electric guitar with a Basswood body. With a solid body, there are absolutely fewer chances that the sound is going to lose its strength, and hence, you get a naturally clear and accentuated tone.

Smart tech uses:

It is often rare to find a suitable and affordable technical use of features in a device. All we want is a C-shaped neck and a suitable set of features. This Guitar has a C-shaped Maple neck. The fingerboard radius is 14 inches, and to enhance the quality of vibrations, manufacturers have made use of Tremolo – Matte Stone.

I truly wanted to appreciate the F-hole-shaped pickguard, which captured my attention for a while; but honestly speaking, it does not really make a difference to me other than innovative looks. Rather, I would appreciate the technique used to build a superior quality fingerboard.

  • Wise use of innovation
  • Solid construction
  • Proper scale and radius
  • Comfortable C shaped neck
  • one single coil and two 90’s pickup
  • Versatile ringtone
  • The price could have been a little less

Reverend Jetstream 390: Best Guitar for Worship under $1000

Product info:

  • Single cutaway Korina body
  • Amber-tint satin-finished Maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium frets
  • Three CP90 pickups, volume, tone, bass contour
  • Chrome hardware includes Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo, Reverend pin-lock tuners
  • Case not included
  • Can’t we play faster tunes with Reverend Jetstream 390 Electric Guitar?

I have literally come across such baseless comments. Even if we cannot play faster tunes, we hardly need to bother for the fact over here. We are talking about the best praise and worship guitars.

But, just to break this myth let me tell you what affects the speed of the tone of the guitar. It is the Scale, the fret and the radius. The Scale of the guitar is 25.5 inches, there are 22 medium jumbo frets and it has a radius of 12 inches. All these measurements prove that this guitar can play extremely fast tunes with negligible effort being invested!

Single cutaway Korina body:

The material of construction of the body of the guitar is a really important part of its functioning. Usually, we use ash, alder, maple, mahogany, Korina, spruce, rosewood, and ebony materials for solid body construction of guitars and other string instruments.

Rosewood and mahogany are undoubtedly most famous because of their availability. However, Korina is a special and solid material besides the amber-tint satin-finished maple neck to make this box a perfect fit for matched vibrations.


We see a lot of worship places enjoying classic prayers with modern tones. I myself love the blend and worship is not all about duty and service. You really need to enjoy what you are serving to serve better.

Well, before I start sounding like a wise Preacher, which God forbid I am not; let me assure you that the guitar can add the perfect amount of modernity to the otherwise classic prayer tones if required.

The natural pick-up of the guitar is very clean. And if you want, you can always add a heavy tone for the middle punches when required!

  • Solid build material Clear pic up tones
  • 25.5 inches scale with 12 inches radius
  • Comfortable playability
  • strikes a good balance between modern and classical tones
  • Does not include a case ( Already mentioned in the product info)

Schecter 290 Semi Hollow w/ Bigsby

Product info:

  • Chambered Mahogany Body & Mahogany 3-pc Set-Neck
  • Schecter Diamond SuperRock-MH Pickup Set
  • Bixby Flat Top B70 Tremolo System w/ Roller Tonepros TOM TPFR – T3BT Bridge
  • 22 X-Jumbo Fret, 14″ Radius, 24.75″ Scale Rosewood Fretboard
  • Grover 18:1 Tuners
  • Is Schecter 290 Semi Hollow suitable only for rock?

I know the Schecter Diamond SuperRock-MH Pickup Set and solid metallic construction on the box makes you feel exactly what the question said!

But trust me, you have reviews where this guitar has been shortlisted for Blues and clear tones, which makes it perfect as a praise and worship guitar.

What you need to understand is the tone of the guitar which comes out as very pristine and true for the ears, and that is why you have this on the list today!

Grover 18:1 Tuners: This is one of the best features of the guitar that needs our prominent attention. Grover’s Romantic Tuners are considered the best tuners. The ratio is 18:1, and that is what works best to make your worship tone worth it! That’s the reason why church musicians love them so much.

To help you with the analysis, let me make it a little clear for you. Basically, the standard Grover ratio is 14:1. Now, the higher the ratio goes, the better and fine is the tune!

Comfort with technique: As we see, the Scale of the guitar is less than 25 inches, and the Radius is 14 inches which mean that strumming its strings is a sheer enjoyable experience. I personally never regret falling in love with this guitar because of its highly defined classical looks and detailed work of tunings and pickups. Some clever inclusions are Schecter Diamond SuperRock-MH Pickup Set and Bixby Flat Top B70 Tremolo System w/ Roller.

  • Fine tuning suitable for worship
  • Durable yet lightweight construction
  • Can also play tones for modern day Rock tunes worships
  • Proper use of technique
  • Classic and Royal looks
  • None

Schecter Solo-6B Solid-Body w/ Bigsby

  • Mahogany Body w/ Mahogany 3-pc Set-Neck
  • Schechter diamond Alnico plus pickup set
  • Bixby flat top B50 tremolo system w/ roller Tonepros tom taper – T3BT Bridge
  • 22 x-jumbo fret, 14″ radius, 24.75″ Scale Rosewood Fretboard
  • Grover 18:1 tuners

First of all, please do not kill me for introducing all Schecter guitars in the list. I am helpless right now because these are truly the best guitars for their respective prices! And I assure you, this is the last one.

  • How do the tone of this guitar suit worship and praise?

Basically, I’m trying to answer all the doubts in just one question. Schecter guitars are not just suitable for worship and praise, we can take up almost any use and let you be the king of the stage easily. This becomes possible firstly because of its comfortable construction and secondly, the pickup patterns of the guitar are really flattering.

Especially, talking on the tuners of the guitar, it picks up Grover tuners which means you’re going to have a very smooth and warm experience using it. I love grover tuners especially when it comes to worship music.

Smart pickups:

I tell you at this price point the pickup cannot get more than what this genius has to offer. You get a Thick, Deep and Warm tone with this guitar. The Coil-tapping humbuckers work well for all your final shows, and the tuners, namely, Grover tuners, TonePros tune-o-Matic bridge, and Bigsby tremolo, form a powerful source of sound with a blissed depth in its clarity.


It is hard to match a Schecter construction. The same being the case here, you find an extremely catchy piece carrying a retro style. This guitar is made up of a 3 piece set mahogany neck; it also involves high end Chrome hardware. All in all, the electric guitar is a nice value for money.

  • Deep and clear tone that works well for worship and praise
  • carries a retro style
  • 3 piece set mahogany neck
  • Coil-tapping humbuckers
  • There are no special cons for the product but if you want you can look for It’s better versions for versatility.

Honorable Mention: Fender Deluxe Tele Thinline

Two Fender “Wide Range” humbucking pickups

  •  a semi-hollow Ash body
  •  hard-tail bridge
  • bullet truss-rod nut
  • “F” tuners
  • 3-Bolt neck-plate (with Micro-Tilt)
  • Can you call Fender Deluxe Tele Thinline an acoustic guitar?

If you are talking about a fully acoustic guitar, both you and I know very well that it would not be fit to call this guitar a completely acoustic one.

If you want to have a look at acoustic guitars, checkout the best acoustic guitars for worship here

However, if you can strum some acoustic tones with this electric musical charm. It is not going to disappoint you, in fact it is one of the most sought-after options for praise and worship guitars because of its pristine blues tone and upgraded set of humbuckers.


No doubt, the manufacturers have put their soul and heart in improving the body of the guitar. Whether you are talking about the Semi-Hollow ash body of the guitar or the C- Shape neck it all must have taken effort and we see the efforts paying off! I love how compact and solid the bullet truss rod nut look.


Here comes the point where it is extremely difficult to beat this beast. If you need a very simple one-line explanation about the tones of the guitar:

I would say this instrument fits almost every type of use. You must not hesitate from buying this guitar for worship and praise simply because it can never get outdated. Controlling the pickups and plucking the strings is very comfortable.

Both the Neck and Bridge pickup let you enjoy the old or modern genre that you are playing. At least they did make an effort to introduce the Vintage Style String Through Body Hardtail Bridge And Vintage Style Tuners to bring out a defined tone and quality that we crave for.


  • Fit for playing more than one genre
  • The intelligent construction of neck and fretboard
  • Comfortable Pickup Patterns
  • Good Use of the vintage-style technique

Factors to consider when you purchase the best worship guitars

Now, worship and praise guitar could be used by more than one person over a period of time, it would be better to choose a versatile construction which can fit all different types of fingers.

For that you may consider:

  • Scale: 25″ or below
  • Radius: 8″ or above
  • Material for fretboard: Rosewood or Mahogany
  • Top: Maple
  • Type of coil: Humbuckers ( if you need a single coil output then you may use coil splitting)
  • Shape of neck: C- Shape
  • Guitar Tone: Warm and Deep


The first thing that should come to mind while purchasing a worship and praise guitar is the weight of the guitar. Keeping in mind all the circumstances that might give you odd shocks whenever possible, you should not take the risk of a heavy instrument.

Do not compromise the features of the guitar just to purchase a lightweight one, but what I mean is make sure the weight of the guitar is worth the quality and not a mere bulky instrument.


The neck of the guitar should have a C shape if possible. This is just to ease the overall process of strumming and plucking the strings by just wrapping your fingers comfortably around it; the less the stress the better is your performance.

String spacing:

If the string spacing is closer, it will take you less time to switch between strings and different pickup patterns. As a result, it ends up producing a faster tune.

On the other hand, if you have convenient spacing between the strings, the experience is not just comfortable but it also helps introduce clear and smooth tones which is the requirement for worship and praise.

Guitar Tone:

Coming down to the exact type of tone that you require for worship and praise, look, I cannot take the responsibility for each and every requirement; but the basic tone that is sought after is a warm tone with a lot of depth in its clarity. As a reference, the guitar must be able to play smooth blues.

The tone must be able to hit the precision and soul of the listener, you need to have a powerful tone with convenient amplifiers and vibrations. Remember, the tone is the soul of any musical instrument.

Type of coil:

As I already mentioned earlier, if you have a Humbucker type of coil, you can still use the Coil Splitting feature to convert it into a Single Coil Type.

But, if you end up purchasing a Single Coil guitar, do not expect it to work like a humbucker and fill the bucket with unnecessary regrets.

Over to you: Which is your favorite amongst the best guitars for worship? Let me know down below.

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