Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship

Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship

Looking for the best acoustic guitar for worship? Well run down this list and I am confident that you will have an acoustic guitar that’s worth the investment.

Guitar plays an important part for a worship band as the whole vibe depends on the same. You can really change a worship song’s mood using a worthy guitar.

Thus, it is an ideal recommendation to invest in a good worship acoustic guitar that is worth the praise for setting up the ideal worship environment.

Well, even if you are just a beginner and aspiring to be a worship leader, this article will be the perfect start for you.

No more delays. Let’s get to the list…

Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship for Church

Yamaha AC3R: Best Acoustic Guitar for Worship Leading

Yamaha AC3R: Best Acoustic Guitar for worship leading
Yamaha AC3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar

When you’re buying a Yamaha guitar, you land up with many customization options. The AC3R guitar comes with 4 wood choices along with 2 color picks.

For the purpose of worship leading, we feel the concert cutaway size is perfect. I prefer the vintage natural color and the solid mahogany style.

Now Why Mahogany style?

Well, for Yamaha acoustic guitars, the mahogany wood used gives out a warm and rich tone. The mids respond quickly and don’t get muddy while playing the midrange. I would say it’s ideal for “cutting through the mix” in a church environment.

The concert cutaway design gives you the loud and strong low to mid-range that’s generally needed for church worship.

The guitar looks simple yet aesthetic, making it ideal for church services.

The sound is great, thanks to the Elixir strings, which build up a lively tone. The powerful acoustic sound is all because of cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology developed by the Yamaha R&D Division, known as A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement).

The technology treats the tops, which gives the instrument a rich, vintage quality tone, making it sound like you’ve been playing the instrument for years, even if that’s the first moment you’ve picked it up.

That’s also one of the primary reasons why newbies love to start on this one. Also, the designing is done so that it helps down further. For instance, the straighter neck taper and the hand-rolled edges of the fretboard. Such attention to detail helps in playing chords much more comfortably.

My only complaint would be that they provided a soft cover, but it’s completely justified for the price it’s coming at.

If you want, you can go with this hardcover from amazon.

  • Super Easy to Setup
  • Warm yet lively tone
  • Beginner friendly and easy to play
  • Simple design, goes for multiple occasions
  • Comes with a soft gig bag instead of a hard case

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar: The Choice for Beginners

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

If you are really on a budget, the Yamaha FG800 is your rescue.

The guitar is available in 2 eye-catching colors: Natural and Ruby Red. But for a church setting, I would personally recommend going for a natural one.

The guitar sound great for the price, and the top is built of Solid Sitka Spruce. Nato makes the back and sides.

Unlike many budget guitars, Yamaha’s construction for the guitar is just excellent, without any gaps or excess glue around joints.

You can easily find the guitar staying in tune for multiple sessions, which is lovely.

As a lead guitarist or for a church worship service, you may often have to stand while playing.

So for me, the plus is that the guitar is really lightweight. The balance between the neck and body is excellent, making it easy to play even while standing.

Take it as advice, if you plan to buy this guitar, put lighter gauge strings on it, and lower the action just a bit. This will make the guitar worth hundreds of dollars better.

If you purchase the value pack, you get a hard case gig bag which is a must, If I say.

If you are a beginner, you can skip reading the rest of this post and go for it right away. However, if you are a seasoned guitarist, you may want to check out other options from this list.

  • Best for Beginners
  • Stays in tune for multiple sessions
  • Great looks, Multiple color options
  • The action is a bit high

Martin LX1E Little Martin Solid Sitka Spruce

Little Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Little Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you are a beginner struggling to get started on a full-sized guitar, we definitely recommend you check out this travel-sized guitar.

What I love about this guitar is that it has clear and loud tones that are enough to help you get the hook of both traditional tones and some modern music.

The build quality is worth noting with a Sitka spruce top. The guitar uses mahogany high-pressure laminate (HPL) with a warm satin finish for the sides and back.

It is one of Martin’s smallest guitars, and while small in size, its quality and versatility are just commendable. Also, making it a perfect starter guitar for kids due to its size.

The size feels just right; go anywhere without any trouble. The comfort of using the guitar for playing on stage is just something you can feel once you have it with you. Well, you may ask Ed Sheeran too.

The guitar comes with a lovely padded guitar box that makes it easy to tote around places like churches, religious gatherings, etc.

The Fishman Isys T electronics add magic to the sound that will help you get noticed right away. The acoustic guitar can easily handle plenty of strumming or picking, thanks to its all-handmade construct.

The built-in tuner adds the worth of gold to your existing notes. The Best acoustic guitar for church worship, perfect on budget and size.

  • Perfect starter guitar (for Kids too)
  • Sets up the stage for worship
  • Easy to travel with as it comes with a gig bag
  • Sounds as good as full sized guitars
  • Ed Sheeran’s favorite
  • If you have been using full sized guitars, you may find it difficult to get used to it.
  • High E string sits close to the edge of the fingerboard

Fender 6 String CD-140SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar  

Fender CC-140SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Fender CC-140SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you are on a budget while starting out to play for church services, Fender CD-140SCE is a must-check out. It’s no doubt that it is budget-friendly, but there’s so much more to loving the guitar than just its price.

Thanks to the neck design, beginners find it very easy to play. The details Fender has put into the design are just nothing but commendable. The single cutaway dreadnought body style is made in a way to allow for easier handling and better playability.

The guitar is made of high-quality materials that will last longer than normal guitars. You get to see a solid spruce top and rosewood at the back and sides at an affordable price. Newbies love the rolled fingerboard edges.

One of the best things I like about this acoustic guitar for church worship is that it comes with a hard shell case. This adds protection and makes it easy to travel around with it, as the guitar’s weight is just 10 pounds.

The guitar also comes with electronics and a built-in tuner, but without an amp, the guitar does not sound that great.

Overall, with the premium quality of the materials used for the guitar, you can expect years of use with this guitar.

  • Lightweight and beginner friendly
  • Comes with a hard case
  • It comes with a hard case
  • The Wood sounds good and should last long enough
  • Needs a bit of tuning
  • Does not sound that great without amp.

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar

If you are someone who loves the sound of Taylor guitars, you must check out this guitar. It is one of the best Taylor guitars you can find for leading worship.

If you are a beginner, you will find it like a really convenient to starting point. The neck profile and the nut width make it easy to play complicated chords too.

The seasoned worship guitarists would play some great melodies with it.

The guitar is affordable, and tons of people across the web have mentioned that this sounds rich and warm, making it perfect for church services and for leading worship.

The construct is good as the acoustic guitar comes with a Sitka Spruce Top. To make the guitar sound as great as it does, Taylor decided to use a Layered Rosewood Bracing pattern for the back as well as sides.

Genuine African Ebony wood is used on the neck of the guitar, which makes it sound great. The resonance is amazing, and there is a good balance of highs/lows.

Occasionally you may find the amplitude dips (a bit – not much) in the mid-range. But overall, the highs sound crisp and clear, and the lows sound warm, just like I love.

The Hardshell Bag makes it really easy for you to travel around and this guitar wherever you need it. The guitar is perfect out of the box and needs little to no tuning.

  • Taylor acoustic vibes
  • High Quality Materials ensure resistance against temperature and humidity changes
  • Comes with a Hard Case
  • Needs little to no tuning
  • The guitar is out of stock most of the time

These were our top picks for the best acoustic guitars for worship. Now let’s jump into some FAQs and things to check out before buying an acoustic guitar for church service.

How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar for Worship

Worship Music can be complicated as each guitarist has his/her own way of looking at it. Thus, a guitar meant for fingerpicking will obviously differ from the one whose purpose is just strumming.

Further, the rituals and customs that are prevalent in the church matter a lot as well. With these tips in mind, you can check out these tips that will help you purchase the best classical or acoustic guitar for delta worship.


Always go for a simple guitar with not a lot of flash. Don’t opt for bold colors or anything too flashy in general, as it may not go well with the rituals of a church.


Budget is one of the most important factors when purchasing an acoustic guitar for worship. The guitar is a long-term investment, so don’t hesitate to invest a few hundred dollars extra for a better deal.

Ease of Playing:

If you are just starting out, you need to get everything right first. This will only be possible when you are comfortable with your guitar. Thus, try to buy a guitar that is easy to hold (light weighted) and more comfortable.


The amount of volume you need for a church setting would vary depending on the surroundings. If the church has a lot of eventful activities happening, for instance, you might want to opt for a guitar that’s loud enough to project the sound properly.

Does owning an Acoustic Guitar for Worship have any benefit?

Well, yes, there are a lot of advantages to owning one. Check out some of them here:


When you feel down for some reason and want to be alone, you can play the guitar while praying. I personally find it is the best advantage to be spiritually connected with God.


You get to be part of a congregation with similar beliefs when you play hymns, melodies, and other religious songs. This greatly helps in boosting morale, and you feel better.


Of course, it goes without saying, but with the help of a guitar for worshiping, you will be able to feel a sense of belonging towards worship services much more.

Other Occasions:

You can always play your guitar at get-together(s) or when you are with friends and family.

How can you become a better worship guitarist?

To become a better worship guitarist, you must understand that you are going to the church to serve. In most cases, you will be supporting the choir or perhaps the whole crowd when they are singing.

It’s important to understand that the whole thing won’t be about you. The congregation is there to connect with God.

So, understand the fact that the spotlight will never be on you. Instead, always believe in giving back or serving, and you will realize overtime how better you become.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

As a newbie, what chords should you start with?

Start and learn these chords: C, D, Em, and G. These are the best for starters. Using only these 4 chords, you’ll be able to play up to 60-70% of Christian worship songs.

How to give proper respect when playing worship guitar music?

Try to be respectful and always try your best to contribute to the worship instead of trying to be the center of attraction. Support other singers, and yes, don’t play guitar solos.

Final Verdict

I hope you could find the best acoustic guitar for the worship you were looking for. These guitars differ from others because they aren’t meant for a party or fun occasion. They are meant for some serious soul-searching spiritual experiences for which you often go to worship services.

Try your best to support the singers in your church choir, even when you are the lead. Be respectful and try to have a feeling of giving to the community, and you never know what great is coming your way!

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