Best Fender Acoustic Guitars

6 Best Fender Acoustic Guitars

Checkout the Best Fender Acoustic Guitars in this piece and find the right pick for you!

Fender has a great range in the list of acoustic guitars. Their guitars come for a very genuine and reasonable price range. They have excellent selections of wood and a wisely tailored X – bracing. I love the way they have selected exact tone woods for exact places on their instrument.

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar you have a lot of options under this brand. All the guitars are reliable and free from noticeable defects. You get perfect choices with Fender, easy access to frets, Preamp and Fishman pickups. Apart from their internal configuration the look of the guitars is again extremely attractive and flattering. Be it the California series, or the T-Back series, I love the shades and the style.

I have tried my best to review these guitars by explaining all their technical configuration and construction.

Best Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender Paramount PM-1 Standard Dreadnought – Natural

Fender Paramount PM-1 Standard Dreadnought
Fender Paramount PM-1 Standard Dreadnought

Product info:

  1. Fender Paramount PM-1 Standard Dreadnought – Natural
  2. Mahogany back and sides provide a rich and balanced tone
  3. Grade “A” Sitka spruce top for strong and balanced projection
  4. The Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard provide comfort and a sharp attack
  5. Fishman-designed preamp
  6. A hard shell case and Limited Lifetime Warranty is included to help protect your investment

Salient Features:

  • Comes with a Premium case: Though this might not be a major point for a lot of customers in general, I am still the one who appreciates every little effort of the brand to satisfy its users. If you know, even Ibanez does not include gig bags with it’s guitars, but here you have that case! I love the lines by the brand itself: “It also includes a guitar humidifier and useful storage compartment, making gig-to-gig transport a cinch.”
  • Ultimate 3 shapes: Is dreadnought fine for you? No? What about Parlor? Or Triple-0? These are the shapes that you literally have as options with Fender. Dreadnought being the native lead of the acoustic world, it definitely attends to most of the attention. Fingerstyle players make their way straight to the Parlor. If you want a stunning volume and a smaller body for portable favors, here you go for Triple-0!
  • Tone customized: The tone of the instrument depends on the shape you choose. Dreadnought is going to provide flawless vibrations, a lovely open dramatic range of balanced acoustic tones. Blue-players who need a sharp, low-frequency, tingling vintage-style tone run after Parlor. Band performers, folk singers are all behind Triple-0.
  • Solid wood: These models have made use of durable, solid tonewoods. The top is mainly constructed using Spruce and the back and sides are formed with Mahogany. Well, there lies some sparse disparity between the deluxe and standard models in terms of fingerboard wood. You get Rosewood fingerboard wood for standard models.
  • C-SHAPE Neck: That needs no explanation! C-Shape necks are any day better and more important for acoustic guitars.
  • X – bracing: If you are looking for perfection in the tone and the “lift” or “vibrancy” that we usually crave for, here the scalloped X-bracing is going to move your ears with the same.
  • PM Preamp model and tuner: Basically, each guitar shape has been provided with a customized tuner and control set based on the shape and size of the guitar. That’s how Fender works! I love their precision and style of the 60’s. It’s completely unique about them!
  • Downside: Even the bottom guitars of the list do not have noticeable flaws in their construction or configuration because of their price and investment which is very reasonable. This is one of the best among all the models of Under and hence it is free from any dominating defect. All I would ask you is do not go for the Deluxe models, when you have better and affordable options with spruce tops.

The Model comes with a wide range of selection categorized under standard and Deluxe models and they have made intelligent selection of woods for suitable places.

The overall manufacturing and configuration is of a top notch quality. As I said earlier, I would not recommend you to go for the Deluxe models when you have better options and the entire list. Speaking of this model it has a very bright and earful tone, X bracing, Fishman pickup, Pre amp and wonderful construction.


Fender Acoustic Guitar FA-125CE: Best Budget Fender Acoustic Guitar

 Fender FA-125CE: Best Budget Fender Acoustic Guitar
Fender FA-125CE

Salient Features:

  • X- Bracing: Alright, so the first starry feature peaking through the instrument is it’s construction. The scalloped bracing is not just good for a sonic perfection in the tone, but it also maintains light weight quality in a guitar.
  • Fishman pickup: The Fishman electronics pickup helps you switch to an electric tone effortlessly, so you have a good backup all the time. It makes a good acoustic-electric guitar for people like me who often go for good back up picks.
  • Laminate construction: A solid laminate gives strength and durability to a guitar. I always say, look for durability and not exotics. The Laminate construction, besides a modern Fender 3+3 headstock and Viking bridge, are easy to play and reliable options. Learners can take a moment to glide their fingers lining. The mahogany neck gives the edges a smooth texture and luxurious appeal.
  • Lively Tone: I think you would hardly find a Fender guitar missing the brightness in it’s tone. All the guitars have got a lively and bright tone that lets you be heard in the herd distinctively.
  • Solid construction: Spruce is a solid tonewood and a Spruce top builds the quality of the voice of the guitar for acoustic purposes. Besides, you get a Single cutaway construction to give you better access to upper frets. Overall, it’s a favorable choice for starters.
  • Downside: Since, the Guitar is majorly designed for the learning batches, it should have included a simpler tuning system for the students. But I believe youngsters have become way smarter, and they won’t have any problem as such.

Fresh artists can have a blast with this guitar. You get a Fishman pickup, Preamp, Laminated Spruce top, X bracing, a Vibrant tone, and easy access to the Frets. I have met one or two reviews of students who found the setting of frequency and tuning a little tricky, but as I said youngsters are way smarter than we expect them to be. They are going to rock it as it is.

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought: Best Beginner Fender Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60S
  1. Dreadnought body style
  2. Solid spruce top with scalloped “X”-bracing, mahogany back and sides
  3. Mahogany neck with 20-fret rosewood fingerboard
  4. Rosewood bridge with compensated saddle
  5. Gloss finish

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought is hands-down the best fender acoustic guitar for beginners.

  • Simple but Solid: I know this model resembles our previous model which is Fender FA135CE. The only difference is between the shape of the bodies of these guitars; the previous one carries a vintage style and this one has a dreadnought body. For a simple yet powerful acoustic playing l, of course the dreadnought style is my preference. Manufacturers have not invested much in embellishments and cuts and that is what keeps the price of the guitar at an entry-level. If you have the technique, you can make this box sound like a pro.
  • Solid construction: If an average-priced guitar uses spruce as its top tonewood, we must agree that the brand is careful about what it is providing to its customers. Fender uses one of the best affordable and solid tonewoods that can be used for guitar tops; it strengthens the vibrations and gives strength to the voice of the instrument.
    The strength comes from the durability of spruce and when we use it as a top material, strumming and plucking the strength of the guitar in fingerstyle is as creamy as it should be. Again the scalloped X – bracing keeps the tone of the guitar punchy and bright.
    The back and sides of the box are constructed by Mahogany and the fingerboard is made of Rosewood. That makes a decent choice of wood for the product.
  • Easy to play: The edges of the fingerboard are rolled up to keep your fingers fast while strumming the strings without hurting yourself. You can switch between speeds and strings as per your convenience. I see sufficient accessories in the kit, you would not fall short of straps and strings.
  • Downside: I don’t see any problem in the construction or the guitar equipment of the guitar for an entry-level price. The configuration is also good, and ultimately, it’s your call. It’s also difficult to suggest any improvement for affordable products; after all, if they improve, they need to upgrade the entire product as a whole and not just a few gaps here and there to cover.

Our take:

Students, fresh learners, and passionate people who are entering the world of Music and Guitars with their selection of acoustic instruments can definitely look for this model by Fender.

It is an affordable product that comes with standard construction. Smooth contouring of the edges, a vibrant tone, and a good selection of wood make it all worthy.

Fender California Series Newporter Classic

Fender California Series Newporter Classic
Fender California Series Newporter Classic

Product info:

  1. Fender Newporter Classic – California Series Acoustic Guitar – Hot Rod Red Metallic with Gig Bag
  2. Fender-exclusive Newporter body shape
  3. Painted solid Sitka Spruce top; natural solid Mahogany back and sides
  4. Fender- and Fishman-designed pickup/preamp system
  5. Includes deluxe Gig Bag
  6. Warranty included
  • Unique and contrasting shades: I have literally waited to speak on the Hot Rod Metallic Red and Cosmic Turquoise shade of the model. My eyes have never been so badly magnetized by shades, I tell you! The Cosmic Turquoise shade itself makes me feel so comfortable, deep, and easy. Enough of me blabbering my poetics, but truly I love the shade; it just sets my mood for a nostalgic “snowy romantic eve in deep colorful woods”. Coming to the Hot Rod Metallic Red, It’s just the opposite. It stands true to its name, a hot, exotic and roaring stage lead!
  • Wonderful construction: Apart from the unique shade of colors you get a unique body shape of the guitar which is mostly inspired by vintage style; the simplicity and the contouring of its hourglass edges are what make you feel nostalgic. You get a c-shaped neck for ultimate comfort and painless playability. A Spruce top is complemented by Mahogany sides and back to boost the quality of the voice from the box.
  • Style and tone: The pickup of the guitar gives you a lot of scope for personalization, which lets you glide into other settings and change notes with the adjustment in the frequency, treble, and the tune of the guitar. You also get 6 in-line matching painted headstocks that adds to the dreamy look of the instrument.
  • Deluxe Gig Bag: Earlier, I had a concept of my own where I used to think that if a guitar carries its gig bag, the gig bag is going to be of poor quality. And, no, that is absolutely not the case. Especially with the Fender’s Gig bag, you get amazing support and durability. The material is padded and super comfortable to carry. In fact, the moment you grab it, you feel like preserving it forever.
  • Downside: I do not see any flaw in the construction of the setup of this model. It all depends on whether you prefer picking up a vintage-style shape or not. Also, the frequency settings might be a little tricky for beginners, but as I said, it all depends on your practice.

Our take:

This model from the California series has already impressed me. I am sure you are expecting me to keep stressing about the contrasting shades of the guitar, the beautiful colors, and how much I am convinced because of them. Yes, I definitely am.

However, if you remember my recommendation when it comes to the selection of wood, more than exotic looks, I look for reliable things in the market.

Fortunately, even from the functioning point of view, this Fender model is equally impressive. If you are not looking for a fully dreadnought-shaped guitar, if you can do with a vintage-style acoustic playing, then this is a very promising option.

With a bright tone, vintage style, mesmerizing looks, durable selection of woods, reliable construction, and a gig bag, I am more than overwhelmed.

Fender FA135CE Acoustic Guitar

Product info:

  1. Body Style: concert
  2. Finish: gloss polyurethane
  3. Top: laminated spruce
  4. Bracing: X-bracing
  5. Back and Sides: laminated basswood
  6. Neck: nato
  7. Fingerboard: Rosewood
  8. Bridge: rosewood with compensated saddle
  • Flattering Style: This Fender guitar comes with smooth edges and zero texture on its surface. The contouring is itself very polished and clean. The gloss finish, however, is not exactly an artificial glossy look; it’s a very subtle and natural gloss that naturally comes from the use of wood and polishing. It gives the guitar a very sleek and flattering look for concerts keeping it very subdued and not catchy with the gloss in it.
  • Choice of woods: The manufacturers have made use of choicest woods, and there are quite a few types in it: the neck of the guitar has been constructed using basswood, the back and sides are laminated basswoods, and the bridge and fingerboard have been constructed from Rosewood, and the top is obviously made of laminated spruce. Such an intricate and wise selection of solid tonewoods that are going to be very reliable both for the quality of tone and durability of the instrument!
  • Bracing and pickup tone: After such an amazing selection of wood Fender makes use of X bracing to enhance the quality of the tone the sound of the guitar has a 5 and a y binet which really benefits lead singers of concerts it also comes with Fishman pickup and Preamp. These are active adjustments are going to to make a smooth game for players after all other provisions.
  • Shape: This is a cutaway electric acoustic guitar specially manufactured for modern concerts and stage performances. The shape of the guitar has been kept smooth and simple with a sleek construction. It has a nato-neck, and for budding performers, this might be probably more comfortable than dreadnought shapes.
  • Downside: If you are looking for a proper dreadnought acoustic guitar, this might not suit your purpose. Here, I would recommend you to go for the previous option, which is well suited for concerts and modern-day performances with a punch in its tone and a flattering slim and compact look.

Our take:

This acoustic-electric guitar is a very cleverly designed instrument with classy features at an affordable price. The concert body style of the guitar is compact ability, Fishman pickup, active preamp and an easier access to the friends keep set a lovely choice for stage performers. College students can use it even for professional purposes for performing in colleges and events.

Fender T-Bucket 300 Guitar

Fender T-Bucket 300 Guitar
Fender T-Bucket 300 Guitar
  1. Cutaway dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar
  2. Fishman Isys III pickup system with active preamp, tuner, volume and tone controls
  3. Figured laminated maple top with quarter sawn scalloped ”X”-bracing; laminated mahogany back
  4. Bound maple neck with “C”-shaped profile; 20-fret rosewood fingerboard
  5. Graphtech NuBone nut and compensated saddle
  • Moonlight Burst: By now I am extremely impressed and overwhelmed by the color collection of Fender. Again this Moonlight gave a typical acoustic look with the dreadnought shape of the guitar. I love such Woody Constructions and furnishing looks in such instruments. Had I been in a room where I would have had some attractive furniture and a Woody look I would have definitely loved this guitar complimenting the walls.
  • Cutaway Dreadnought: Who can deny a cutaway dreadnought for acoustic purposes? The contemporary style is mind blowing in terms of look and voice as well. I also like the fact that though the guitar is acoustic -Electric guitar but it looks far more acoustic than electric. The C-shape neck of the guitar keeps the work battery and is easy for you. What convinced me the most was that even with such a detailed framework, the weight of the guitar is limited to 10 pounds only.
  • Sound: There are a lot of things that contribute to the unique sound of the guitar. It has a fine pitch and a long-lasting impact on the listeners. The sounds that guitars gives out is perfect for a unique performance. You are definitely going to be observed as one of a kind sound in the crowd.
    If I want to award a few of the techniques involved in the voice, it has to be simply the quarter-sawn scalloped ”X”-bracing that does not let the tone of the guitar sink, the Maple top that provides proper ventilation and vibration, and the Spruce top along with Laminated Mahogany back and sides to act as a solid support for a powerful tone.
  • Downside: I do not see any flaw in the manufacturing of this elegant instrument. It has been styled with the utmost care and attention to its features. Again, if you do not have particular problems with the overall style and pick-up, other things are hardly going to affect you.

Our take:

I am already in love with this Moonlight burst by Fender. It is an elegant dreadnought for a reasonable price. Use of laminate top, X bracing, Fishman pickup, Preamp and Graph Tech material instead of plastic embellishments is a way better option in the market.

What matters the most for acoustic players is the tone of the guitar that does not sink down and that is exactly what you get here. The tone is already lifted and it has enough strength to impress the audience. It has easy access to the frets and is a great value for money. Even experienced practitioners can go ahead with this guitar.


What are the different shapes and tones of guitars available by Fender?

Dreadnought – This is a traditional hourglass shape of guitar that comes with a spacious hollow inside of the box to enhance the vibrations and ventilation, producing a powerful acoustic sound. It is great for users looking for deep and warm tones.

Vintage Style – California series and FA135CE of a great vintage style look to their models. These are best for stage performances and concerts in colleges. The tone produced is sharp and bright.

Parlor – These are smaller sizes and compact models that are good for learners and portable uses. The tone is best suited for blues and smooth warm notes.

Triple-0 – This again resembles the vintage style looks with small, compact and round shapes. These models are polished and give a jazzy concert look. Folk tuners are going to love this shape.

What are the bracing and woods that Fender acoustic guitars have?

Scalloped X bracing: Scalloped X bracing provides a beautiful punchy tone to your guitar, it gives a sonic precision and lift to the voice of the guitar, keeping the tune bright and vibrant. This type of bracing does not add unnecessary weight to the overall weight of the guitar and hence it is preferred.

Type of Woods: Spruce, Mahogany, Rosewood, and Basswood form the major types of woods used in the construction of Fender guitars. Spruce top guitars are ideal for acoustic players; basswood or mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard are their main preferences.

Which Fender Acoustic Guitar Reviews need to be added to this list? Let us know in the comments

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