Best Guitar for short fingers

7 Best Guitar for Short and Fat Fingers

Short and fat fingers can work with almost any type of guitar if they have technique and practice but as a fresh practitioner you might have some ambiguity and I respect that. All you need to look for is a comfortable construction that does not make you struggle between the strings and hurt your fingers. That not just distracts your attention from the tones, but it also makes a bad investment. Refunds, yes they are an option but who really wants to cover that lengthy path?

Here you have some options that I have selected:

Best Guitar for Short Fingers

Guitar should not be tough to learn, especially when you are starting to learn those new chords.

In fact, playing should be more fun and the new adventure of learning out new chords should not be tough as it may have an impact on your interest and training.

Thus, when you get to know that has started getting difficult for you, getting a thinner neck can be a good direction to go into. These guitars (or smaller guitars) works perfect for short fingers.

Let us make playing guitar chords more fun with the best acoustic guitars and the best electric guitars I’ve picked for you.

Squier Affinity Telecaster

  • Scale: 25.5 inches
  • Neck: C-Shape
  • Radius: –
  • Pickup: Single coil
  • Top material: Maple
  • Volume and Tone Control: Yes
  • Two Color Headstock Logo

C-Shape neck:

First up, I present to you the best electric guitar for small hands with fat fingers, the Squier Affinity Telecaster. The Vintage style neck helps beginners for carrying out the entire game in a smoother manner. No other neck – shape can provide such comfort and convenience which the vintage style has.

Yes, I do accept that the neck could have been a little wider than what it is, but you never know ; someone with fat chubby fingers could find this narrow neck and opportunity to find closely packed strings and run a faster action!

Shorter fret scale:

The Shorter fret scale makes it much easier to play (especially for beginners), be it shredding and bending. This is one of the reasons why many guitarists (especially guitarists with smaller hands or shorter fingers) love the Telecaster so much.

6 separate saddles:

Having 6 individual saddles might be a common expectation of every guitarist, but having such a beautiful intonation with these saddles is word admiration.

Pluck a string and hear a crystal clear voice that literally makes you take a glance at it’s string and saddle design. Now, you definitely need to adjust your action according to your preference while using the saddles.


This Telecaster comes with 2 single-coils and you can precisely draw a balance with these between high and low actions. Of course this makes this guitar a versatile choice for learning. Sound wise, you can try both soft and hard tones, you can go for the blues as well as rocks as a guitar player!


Anything affordable makes me give it an “affordable” shout. Firstly, because all the fresh learners who are mostly students and who cannot afford high end guitars want to grab affordable ones and secondly, because such affordable guitars are well suited for learners for beginning with their lessons even if the can not suffice professional uses.


That really hurts me to call out the flaws of an affordable product one by one. Trust me anything affordable should not be compared to high end products. That is a completely unfair action altogether.

This guitar might have some improvements: such as: a smooth contouring, a wider neck because the neck is a little more sleek than average ones, and a smaller scale than 25.5 inches.

  • C shape neck for comfort
  • 6 individual saddles
  • Affordable guitar
  • 2 single coils
  • Versatile pick up tones
  • Lacks a smooth contouring

Fender Mustang 90

  • Scale: 24 inches
  • Neck: Wide neck with C-Shape
  • Radius: 9. 5”-radius
  • Pickup: Two Mustang MP-90 pickups
  • Top material: Maple
  • Volume and Tone Control: Yes
  • 3 way pickup switch

Short fingers can have a blast:

If the length of your fingers are shorter than the average ones and you come with an averagely small sized palm, the narrow neck of this guitar is going to be very comfortable for you to be able to wrap your palms completely around the neck. Feel free to play with friends.

I never miss to say that if you are having club fingers, it is best to purchase a guitar with a scale of 25 inches or less and this with a 24 inches scale which is definitely beneficial for you.

Basically, a smaller scale size reduces the distance and the strength that you need to put in while playing the guitar, having a fun experience without tension.

C-Shape neck:

Who does not want to wrap his fingers around a C-shape neck guitar if he has a chubby set of fingers like i possess! U-shapes are not bad for other finger types, but it’s hard to match a C-shape.

9.5”-radius maple fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets:

The radius of the fretboard is brilliant because if you have read any other article on guitar by me you very well know that I suggest a radius of minimum 8 inches or more for short and fat fingers. That is because it really covers the area with a suitable curve and contour exactly required for such finger types.

Two Mustang MP-90 pickups:

Alright, so we come down to strumming and plucking of the strings for pickups! Now I’ll tell you why two Mustang MP 90 pickups are a good way to start. You must have heard the famous story about the Mustang 90 model which exchanges a single coil pickup for 2 Mustang 90 pickups.

What 2 single coil pickups actually do to your guitar is that: They just create a better tone, style, and rhythm by adding byte to your guitar. Especially if you are keeping your action low, playing this guitar can be a smooth drive on a merry road.


What disturbs me personally about this guitar is that the product oscillates between heavier and softer tunes but it does not reach the correct extreme of any; which is good when we look at it from the versatility point of view but it disturbs me when it comes to playing faster tunes, or prominent heaviest reading.

Also, you have to be really low with your actions if you want to have a smooth bowing time with these strings.

  • 6 strings with two Mustang 90 pickups
  • Maple fingerboard
  • wide neck
  • larger radius
  • Smooth edges contouring
  • 24 inches scale
  • The tone suffers with high action
  • Trickier (not impossible) to play faster or heavier tones

Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster

  • Scale: 25.5 inchesNeck: Narrow neck with C-Shape
  • Radius: 9. 5”-radius
  • Pickup: Single coil
  • Top material: Maple
  • Volume and Tone Control: Yes
  • Nickel-plated hardware

Go easy:

No one wants to load up one’s shoulder with some extra ounces of work when there is absolutely no need for it! The Squier Classic Vibe series are designed to suit the comfort of the user making its best possible attempt. Well, I personally do not depend on just what the manufacturer is claiming. Here I loved the fact that the guitar has been constructed using Nickel plated hardware, Fender-Designed pickups, period-correct colors, headstock markings and a C-shape neck. All you get is a powerful and clearly audible tone that runs buttery soft with the movement of your fingers.

“C”-Shaped Neck Profile with Vintage Gloss Finish:

Regarding the Vintage Gloss Finish it not only limits the benefit to an attractive look of the guitar but it also maintains a physically smooth surface so that you do not end up hurting your fingers accidentally while storming the strings.

And we already know what a C shaped neck does by now. The fretboard radius which is 9.5 inches makes it a flawless process to switch between strings and bow them comfortably, no matter how small your palm is.

Fender-Designed Alnico Pickups:

Be it playing jazz, blues, or a rock, the pickup really does not disappoint you in any of these. Your actions can freely fall between Lower as well as slightly higher types.

You can play around with different tricks and techniques with all convenience and freedom of experiments. Do not hit me for endorsing this guitar but I am really a big fan of the comfort that it provides in the price.


The drawbacks are pretty easy to guess and straight forward. First of all the guitar has a scale of 25.5 inches which could have been 25 inches or lesser. Secondly, the neck is not wide enough.

  • Smooth vintage glass finish
  • Even contouring
  • C shaped neck
  • 9.5 inches radius
  • allows various pickups with comfort
  • Hard Nickel plating to make the product durable
  • Scale could be lesser
  • Neck could be wider

Yamaha FG-TA Transacoustic

  • C-shaped tapered neck
  • Radius: 15.75” radius
  • Three Simple knobs
  • Spruce top and Mahogany sides
  • Volume and Tone Control: Yes
  • SRT Piezo Pickup
  • SYSTEM70 Trans Acoustic Preamp

Vibrating Actuator to deliver a Chorus sound:

Ok, now, this is a real fun with the guitar, once you strum the strings, the actuator starts vibrating. And to learn the practical action provides even more fun. The vibration of the activator passes on to the body of the guitar and then to the air surrounding it; due to which- the vibration of the string continues to play in the air multiple times and you hear a powerful and bomb chorus sound.

Easy controlling actions:

3 Simple Controlling knobs work rather complicatedly to prevent the loss of acoustic sound loss. One is Chorus Control, next we have Reverb Control (Room/Hall), and TA Switch/Line Out Volume Control is another one. Everything in this guitar is dual or multi beneficial you know!

Besides giving you an access to easy volume control, the smaller area of the holes reduce acoustic sound loss. If you ask me my favorite, TA Switch/Line Out Volume Control is my pick.

Intelligent integration:

The battery box leads into the end-pin jack. This takes up fewer holes in the body, again reducing acoustic sound loss. I find it pretty simple to connect the cable from the jack to a PA or amp to use this as an acoustic-electric guitar. Mahogany, rosewood and spruce make an equally good combo material for acoustic sounds.


Everything was going well with its construction specifically designed to suit short fingers including the comfortable fretboard radius, until I noticed the Full dreadnought size of the guitar. If those tiny chubby fingers are not complaining about it, go and grab the fab guitar now!

  • Spruce Mahal Ghani
  • Rosewood Construction
  • 6 Individual Saddles
  • Amazing Vibrating Actuated To Produce Chorus Sound
  • Intelligent Configuration
  • Dreadnought size

Yamaha APX-600

  • Abalone sound hole rosette
  • 25″ scale
  • Close string spacing
  • Thin neck
  • Narrow body
  • Smooth edges
  • Rosewood, Mahogany, Spruce body

Thin Body and Neck:

You might have already guessed the benefit of the thin body and neck which Yamaha APX 600 offers. You do not have to struggle much to fit your small palms around the neck; the thin construction makes it super easy for you to adjust your fist around the neck and strum the strings. I honestly feel the comfort of trying it.

Powerful Sound:

When you look at the sound box of this guitar you might be of the opinion that the position could have been a little raised than what it is. But, to our surprise the Guitar produces an amazing mid range sound which is powerful and literally dominates the ears.

You don’t really have to tune this guitar much. It is mostly ready to use out of the box.

The improvement from the APX 500 version to this APX 600 is clearly visible. When it comes to complicated settings of the actions, what the overall construction and information of the guitar suggests is keeping the action more on the lower side because then it becomes difficult to pull out a lower one from the higher action.

Closely packed strings:

There is a difference between crowded strings and closely packed “out-of-the-box” strings. The strings of this guitar do not give much free space in between and you do not have to walk your fingers longer to switch between two or more strings.

I understand your concern if you have fatty fingers, but look technique is always the key to fight any odd setting here. This feature could be a challenge to you only if you are a fresh practitioner.


Forget about being a perfect guitar for really short and fat fingers; this guitar would take you some time to prepare yourself for purchasing it.

Do you notice the narrow neck and close string spacing that stand as two wrestlers between you and a smooth tone?

So my suggestion would be do not purchase this guitar for a trial and error option but if you have already played some narrow neck guitars previously with close string spacing then you are simply going to hug this Sham because if it’s wonderful tone and sound!

  • Perfect for short fingers and small Palms
  • smooth construction closely packed strings
  • powerful sound with the shallow soundbox position
  • If you are a person with fat chubby fingers and a larger palm you might struggle with the sleek and closely packed features of this guitar at the beginning.
  • A little already high on action

Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE – Electric Acoustic

Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE
Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Spruce top
  • Fishman Sonicore pickup
  • SST preamp
  • Onboard tuner

Neck for small palms and fat fingers:

This time no one can stop me from praising this genius model in the list because it is my personal favorite as an affordable yet professional instrument (not beginners). The nut width of this guitar is 42mm. The reason I suggested it as one of the best professional musical instruments is that the beginners could have a problem with its narrow neck style. Thus, it is good only after you have learnt a few chords or have played for at least a month or two.

But tiny palms with round chubby fingers can have a blast too!

Fast tones:

The string spacing and an already low action construction make this guitar perfect for fast tunings. A smooth Contouring of the edges of the guitar makes it very easy for you to let your fingers flow at its body without the risk of knicks and cuts.

I don’t really know whom to give the credit of this but for me the Rosewood fretboard smoothens the performance. It ultimately contributes to you having a breakless fast tuning experience.

Amazing Pickup:

With affordability you must make some small compromises and hence, the pickup does not steal the show. However, it definitely stands as a decent choice among the list of electric (because of the narrow neck) cum acoustic guitars.


The drawbacks are more or less not going to make a huge difference in our decision because we have already said that this guitar is good for professional use at an affordable price.

A few minor concerns might be the narrow construction which makes this acoustic guitar feel like an electric one and a higher action.

  • Versatile tuning
  • Powerful and clear sound quality
  • Comfortable neck structure
  • High Quality pickup
  • affordable price
  • Nothing great, but everything professionally acceptable

Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Classical Guitar

  • Solid Canadian cedar top*
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Lightweight build
  • 50mm nut width
  • Savarez Cristal Corum strings in High Tension, 500CJ (nylon-string)

Neck width and smaller scale:

I feel like I did not yet introduce such a Perfect Combination of nut with and scale size in a guitar. The width of the neck is 50mm which is slightly more than the average neck width available. That makes a noticeable difference in the confidence and ease of the Guitarist.

The smaller scale size again makes your reach to the strings faster and effortless. Plucking and strumming the strings require less strain and pressure where you can quickly Switch between them.

Savarez Cristal Corum strings:

The quality of Strings again stand as a unique manufacturing feature in this guitar. If you can really relate to the happiness when you go to a local market and you find branded stuff for a lesser price, this is exactly the same feeling with this nylon string guitar.

The strings are less harsh on your skin, and that is a rare piece! Also the strings are placed out of the box just to avoid frequent Manual settings.

But that again is a little suspicious for a person like me who runs behind before hand adjustments and extremely personalized settings before using any instrument! But here, this guitar forms an exception because of its balanced set of specs that do not let it pass for a messy tone ever!


The overall construction of the guitar stands out as the king of all other features because the 7/8 th size is not just of smaller body; but the use of Mahogany body and Cedar top make a fairly lightweight game!


I literally do not have any negative opinion regarding this guitar: firstly because I do not have a personal experience with it and neither my friends. Secondly because, everything seems quite deserving according to the price of the guitar. The only thing I have to say is you must check that the lightweight construction does not include any fragile parts.

  • Smart construction with lightweight body
  • good use of technique in the strings
  • the shape style and width of the neck are convincing too

FAQ: Questions buyers face while purchasing a guitar for short fat fingers

Why did I not run after wide neck guitars?

If you kindly observe that the aim of this article was to suit short and fat fingers and not large fat fingers, if you have short palm and fat fingers, the width of the neck does not really stand as a stubborn barrier. You can easily do your work with a narrow neck with good curves of course! And I tell you, I literally ended up picking a wide neck guitar name and then used to be reminded of the fact that I am talking about smaller palms and short fingers which are chubby!

If you really are looking for a wide neck guitar, check out the best wide neck electric guitars.

What about the scale size?

I tried a lot to fix this! I wanted to pick up all the guitars with the scale size of 25 inches or less. Unfortunately I had to pick some names which had slightly more scale size (which is .5 inches more than I want). But trust me, if you have already had some practice and technical knowledge, this is not going to be a big issue either. 25.5 inches is not that big. It is still not going to strain your fingers while you try to reach the strings and you can still apply less pressure and play your tones!

Should the weight of the guitar be a concern at all?

It all depends on your use, my dear. If you travel along with your guitar classes then probably you might go for Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Classical Guitar guitar. If you are sitting at home practicing or using the guitar for professional music do not keep “the weight of the guitar” under the special focus of your priorities. We still do not have a shortage of comfortable traveling vehicles and roads after all!

Are Electric Guitars better for short handed beginners or adults?

Well technically they can be.
Usually electric guitars have a slimmer neck profile in comparison to acoustic guitars.

Thus, as a result you may actually find it easy to fit in your small hands or your stubby fingers.

So, What to pick for a beginner (be it an adult)?

For most people starting with jaguars and stratocaster can be a good head start.

What technical factors work for short and fat fingers?

  • Fretboard radius: You see I am really happy with the radius of the fretboard that we observed in this article. Mostly, they were all more than 8 inches but less than 10 inches and that is what we want! Action or the distance of the guitar strings can be an important factor as some slimmer neck guitars sometimes have higher action. Thus, using light strings can be a better ideas as the higher action may make it difficult for people with smaller hands to press the strings ( or playing the more complex chords in general).
  • Scale: Always go for 24″ to 25″.
  • String spacing: This becomes a little tricky for short and fat fingers. You can neither go for wide string placing nor you can go for a crowded string spacing. You will have to have a balanced space between the strings like our Yamaha APX-600
  • Neck Shape: A C shape neck can make a lovable experience with the guitar because, it becomes so much convenient to wrap your fingers around the neck and bow the strings with this shape.

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