Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Looking for the Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Reviews? Find them all in this highly researched piece.

Ibanez is not famous for maintaining high-end status; it is famous clearly because of the quality and affordability that the brand introduced in 1908, particularly for its electric guitars.

I already have a bad reputation for endorsing products that I like personally. By endorsing, I simply mean talking about it ‘more’ and more often. Ibanez has been one such brand of my topic. Time and again, I have spoken about its wonderful techniques and user-friendly measures that are completely unique about it.

Yes, it is certainly not possible for a brand to include all the mini-tiny requirements of its users but even covering the majority of demands is not easy. However, we see Ibanez putting its heart and soul to meet the respective requirements of its users all across the countries.

Trust me, I deeply admire the fact that Ibanez makes their guitars a more affordable choice without compromising the features. How proud we feel about some affordable brands that work extremely hard on quality improvement. The same goes with Ibanez.

Let us see some best launches from Ibanez in today’s article.

Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Ibanez AVN9 OPN Grand Concert – Overall Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez AVN9 OPN Grand Concert: best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
banez Guitar: AVN9 OPN Grand Concert

Product info:

  1. Top: Solid Thermo-aged Mahogany
  2. Back/Sides: Laminate Mahogany back/sides
  3. Fretboard: Ovangkol
  4. Scale Length: 24.9Inches
  5. Fishman Prosonic pickups, cutaway design, Bone Nut/Saddle

Body construction:

Talking about the body of AVN9 OPN, our first option in the list which is more of a ‘stage performance’ and ‘concert type’ of pick for users, the guitar comes with a single cutaway design with mahogany top.

The open pore finishing of the guitar improves the tone and the output of the sound which we will discuss further. It certainly carries a wide neck so that even large fat fingers can easily handle the instrument.

Had the scale of the guitar been 25 inches or more, it would have been like baking a perfect black forest and then removing the red cherries from the top.

Fortunately, leaving ‘Black Forest’ behind, we have this guitar with the scale of 24.9 inches which works perfect for any user as far as the comfort is concerned. Once someone asked me to suggest an affordable guitar that is shaped like the Tailors Grand auditorium, and till then I did not have much idea about this guitar.

Later I realized that yes both of them have a similar shape. However, AVN9 OPN is definitely smaller than the later one.


By sound I obviously mean the tone of the guitar. As I already said the open pore finishing has a reason to be there; when it combines with Thermo-aged Okoume top, back and sides you get a powerful immersive sound experience. There are 6 Strings with 20 jumbo frets to leave you speechless while AVN9 OPN is there on stage.

The tuner is set at a ratio of 18:1 which is anyway a famous demand.

The Ibanez AVN9 OPN Grand Concert is hands down best ibanez acoustic guitar you can buy currently!

Ibanez AW54OPN Dreadnought acoustic guitar

Ibanez AW54OPN Dreadnought acoustic guitar
Ibanez AW54OPN Dreadnought acoustic guitar

Product info

  1. Top: Solid Okoume top
  2. Back/Sides: Layered Okoume
  3. Fretboard: Ovangkol
  4. Scale Length: 24.96 Inches
  5. Bone Nut and Saddle, Chrome tuners, Ibanez advantage pins

Body construction:

I have more to speak about the construction of the guitar than the sound. Firstly you get a very simple and traditional hourglass shape that extends towards the bottom. But this traditional magic goes a long way even if you use it for modern purposes. This is pretty much a very basic concept. We can always advance but we can never let go of the initial basics and traditions of our own existence.

The popular dreadnought body shape of the guitar keeps it one of the best acoustic electric options in the list. The manufacturing materials such as Mahogany Rosewood and again the open pore finishing unite with the tortoise shell pickguard produce a thrilling and solid tone.

Chrome die-cast tuners can be set as per preference to obtain the required output with the bridge pins and D’Addario EXP strings.


If you believe in strength of the sound you must not let go of this guitar because the smaller models might not give you end of volume people who used to smooth and comfortable finger pick up would love playing this guitar because a surface is is extremely smooth.

There is absolutely a lesser chance to hold your fingers while playing faster tunes because of the simple and even base material of the the guitar.

Usually guitars that offer such an articulation are are expensive but even is as always forms an exception. Most importantly it does not include electrics to disturb the pure tone of the guitar if that is what you are looking for

  • The guitar has a simple and traditional hourglass shape
  • it uses mahogany and Rosewood manufacturing materials
  • the solid construction has an even texture
  • a smoother surface allows better performance
  • this is a good option for a comfortable and frictionless performance
  • No electrics in tone
  • You will have to purchase the Gig bag separately but personally I do not find it a big concern. Anyway, this is an affordable product.

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3. Ibanez V Series V70ce Dreadnought Cutaway

Ibanez V Series V70ce Dreadnought Cutaway
Ibanez V Series V70ce Dreadnought Cutaway

Product Details

  1. Top: Layered Spruce Top
  2. Back/Sides: Layered Nyatoh
  3. Fretboard: Nandu Wood
  4. Scale Length: 25.59 Inches
  5.  AEQ200 equalizer
  6. Transparent Blue or Black finish
  7.  Cutaway design

Body construction:

With mahogany back and sides this acoustic electric guitar comes with a spruce top and as a result the sound of the guitar is a boon . Neck of the guitar is also made of mahogany and the softer cut away of the body accentuates the assessing quality of the users.

Regarding the dreadnought body, to be honest, it is not necessarily to match people who are not a big fan of dreadnought bodies but for the quality of this guitar you simply cannot deny the manual output with the dreadnought shape. The electrics are equally Supreme in quality.

Needless to say the bridge fence of the guitar is so convenient to work with. They have a round grip and are angled at the end so that you can set it properly with the strings.

Sound: I realize I have already ended up speaking a lot about the sound of the guitar in the previous segment itself. But just to explain a bit more about it, the softer cut allows the user to play the fret notes and hots with maximum comfort. But the uniqueness of the sound of the guitar licences its versatility.

Beginners who do not really know what to proceed after they have learnt the basics may switch to this guitar because of its equal caliber in both the electrics and the manual output. You will AEQ-2T preamp w/Onboard Tuner to guide you with the tunes. The cut away design is something that most guitarists will love.

  • Firstly the guitar is good for fresh learners who want an all rounder effect
  • it has a thinner neck shape to fit smaller Palm sizes
  • Dreadnought body type
  • Solid mahogany body with Spruce top
  • Smooth contouring
  • Need to purchase the gig bag separately.

Ibanez Talman Series TCM50NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ibanez Talman Series TCM50NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Ibanez Talman Series TCM50NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Product info

  1. Top: Figured Ash
  2. Back/Sides: Sapele
  3. Fretboard: Purple Heart
  4. Scale Length: 25.9 Inches
  5.  AP2 Magnetic Pickup
  6. AEQ200M – Preamp
  7. double cutaway design

Body construction:

If the previous two or three options did not satisfy you and you are very sure that you want to purchase a double cut design you might end up liking this champ with the same. The name itself says talman double cutaway guitar and it really is the same.

Though the guitar looks more electric, I assure you, it is more acoustic and sufficient when it comes to being electric. The body comes with a mahogany top and sides along with a figured Ash top. And I tell you I waited for quite some time by now before revealing my opinion on its natural glossy finishing.

There is a ‘barely there’ kind of gloss on the surface of the guitar which basically shows that there are no uneven textures on the surface and you get an even ground to work with. The gloss is claimed to be natural and so does it appear because it is not something that is going to look catchy.


I am a person who basically plans my activities beforehand and I generally never miss a backup. If you are someone who wants to obtain the full tone effect of acoustic but you do not want to compromise the ease and comfort of electric, here you are with Talman.

The only thing I particularly concerns for the sound is that if you are thinking of playing without an amp, the bass may come out pretty thin. So, yes an amp is very much needed.

The highs of the guitar are brilliant and the lows do not fade away. However, I still do not suggest you to expect a good performance without an amplifier on lower notes.

Ibanez AP2 pickup and Ibanez AEQ200M preamp found the key techs used for the tone improvement.

  • It is one of the best acoustic-electric guitars in the trend
  • a complete value for money product
  • there is a balance between the higher and the lower tones of the guitar without compromising the quality
  • it has a very natural glossy finishing with an even surface
  • Purchase the Gig Bag separately

5. Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar

Product info

  1. Top: Spruce
  2. Back/Sides: Nyatoh
  3. Fretboard: Rosewood Wood
  4. Scale Length: 25.19 Inches
  5.  Burst finish
  6. ibanez advantage bridge pins

Body construction:

A Solid Spruce top of this guitar ensures a vibrant tone that has decent strength. The back and the side of the guitar are constructed with mahogany. For the price the body shape of the guitar and the size is very compact and even as we move towards the edges.

I have always liked the fact that Ibanez is not particular with just one type of wood while manufacturing its guitar. It includes two or three types of woods because it has very well judged the suitability of the type of wood to the place. For example, for the fingerboard you get Rosewood here.

I don’t want to stress much on the fact but this is really a good option if you are not looking for anything bulgy and bulky. You can change and set the strings in position with the Ibanez bridge pins.


As I already said, do not judge this guitar wrong by its appearance. Just because it is compact and smaller, it does not mean that it lacks strength in its volume.

It has a nice and solid sound which is prominent to the ears and you can play the tones as per your requirements. This is a fairly standard guitar in an affordable price range with maximum comfort that it can provide.

  • So you have a very compact and powerful musical instrument
  • This is a great option if you want to carry it to your classes
  • the tone is strong and prominent
  • It has made use of good materials to manufacture the instrument.
  • None but the Gig bag

This wraps up the list of my favorite Ibanez acoustic guitars.

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Features in detail to help you understand Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Reviews:

Looking for these features in  Ibanez Acoustic Guitars will help you out….

  • Open pore finishing: This basically helps the tune to have a longer effect to the listening audience because the inner walls of the guitar are able to breathe properly producing a vibrant tone.
  • Ibanez bridge pins: These pins have a bulb shaped end and are angled so that we can have a grip of them and set the strings in position.
  • Tops: Ibanez is not as particular with the material of the tops of its guitars. Generally, we see it is flaunting a solid body top which might be Mahogany Rosewood or Spruce. Basically we just need to keep in mind that the top of the Guitar is solid for acoustic tone.
  • Nut Width: ibanez has always taken a clear stand to support both its acoustic and electric players and all of its guitars have provided equally fair choices. As far as the Nut width of the guitars are concerned, we get both wide neck and narrow neck to work with. Large palms and fat fingers can play a wider neck, smaller palms can go ahead with thinner ones.
  • Scale: Though it is hard to get the scale measurement in the usual product info of the links, in general Ibanez does not include a scale size which is more than 25 inches.
  • Radius: Oh, it is all above 7.5 inches, so stay calm and assured!

What are the different body types that Ibanez offers?

 Ibanez Guitars usually feature a thinner body shape which might be a problem if you’re picking up an entirely acoustic pattern. For electrics, this is not a problem.

Here we have different shapes and contouring of the guitars from Ibanez:

  • Grand Concert – This had a rounded body shape that looked cute and modern.
  • Dreadnought – Huge, traditional hour-glass body shape that looks good, so original and pure. You hardly need amplification from amps with these shapes.
  • Parlor – These are basically smaller bodies that can be taken anywhere you want. They are very portable and easy to carry shapes.
  • Talman – We have already discussed a lot about the shape of this guitar but yes these are more of an electric looking guitar; just that they have a thicker structure towards the bottom.
  • Contour Body – This is my favourite. The Contour Body offers an armrest for comfort of the user. Moreover the cuts and designs have smooth even textures with refined shape.

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