is ukulele easier than the guitar

Is Ukulele Easier Than Guitar? [Answered With 8 Reasons]

With ever-growing popularity in the music industry, the ukulele has become a must-have for musicians.

The humble ukulele may not be as popular as the guitar, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to play.

Ukuleles are little more than hollow bodies with four strings, while guitars usually have six or more strings. This makes playing the ukulele a bit trickier, but also lets you practice your skills in a different way.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years, there’s something about this humble instrument that brings out the creativity in you. But is it easier than guitar? Here’s a definitive answer.

Is Ukulele Easier Than Guitar?

A Ukulele is easier to play than a guitar because they have fewer strings and the strings are easier to push down. The ukulele is much smaller than a guitar and is easier to hold making its playability easier.

If you want to learn quickly as a beginner, the ukulele is easier than the guitar. The ukulele is an instrument with a small body and a long neck. It is easy to hold and easy to play. For beginners, you do not need to bend over or lean forward to play the ukulele which makes it easier to play compared to the guitar.

Thus the ukulele is easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to carry. You can practice the ukulele at home or in a car due to its compact shape and size.

Reasons Why Ukulele Is Easier Than the Guitar

Fewer Strings

ukulele strings: Ukulele Is Easier Than the Guitar
A Ukulele has only 4 Strings while Most Guitars have 6.

The ukulele has fewer strings than the guitar. A ukulele has six strings while a guitar has six strings and four strings. Thus ukulele also has two lesser strings than the guitar.

Ukuleles of all three types only have four strings. They are:

  1. Soprano (smallest),
  2. Tenor,
  3. and Baritone (largest).

An electric or acoustic guitar usually has six strings. So for most chords, the number of strings you strum on a ukulele is less as compared to a guitar.

For example, you need to hold down three strings if you want to perform the C major chord on the guitar. But if you want to play the same chord on the ukulele, you just need to strum one string. Playing fewer strings at once definitely makes the ukulele much easier to play than any electric or acoustic guitar.

Easier To Push Down:

It is easier to play the ukulele because you push down the strings with your finger when you play the instrument. In contrast, to play the guitar, you need to use the fretboard which is hard to push down. If you want to learn to play the ukulele, you can start with learning songs with a single string. You can also learn chords.

With these skills, you can start learning other songs and learn to play guitar. Smaller Body: The ukulele has a smaller body and a longer neck than the guitar.

Softer Strings:

softer strings are found on ukulele
Softer strings are found on ukulele

The strings on the ukulele are softer than the ones on the guitar. When you strum the strings on the ukulele, they make a sound that is much softer than the strings on the guitar. It is because the strings on the ukulele are made of soft nylon, which is softer than the metal strings on the guitar.

Less Friction:

Another reason why the ukulele is easier to play is that there is less friction between the strings and the body. The strings on the guitar have a lot of friction with the body of the guitar. This friction makes the guitar harder to play.

But with the ukulele, the strings are not in contact with the body of the instrument. So there is less friction between the strings and the body. This makes the ukulele easier to play. It is also possible to play chords with the ukulele.

Easy To Practice:

It is easy to practice the ukulele. You can practice the instrument while sitting on a chair or lying on the bed. In contrast, the guitar requires a lot of space for practicing.

Thinner Neck, Thinner Frets

The ukulele has a thin neck. This makes it possible to hold the instrument at a comfortable distance from the face. The fingers are more comfortable playing

Hand Pain and cramp are real problems for beginners when they start.

Learning to play the uke is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do. It’s fun to learn how to play this new instrument.

In contrast, both intermediate and beginners (and sometimes advanced players too) struggle to stretch their hands to reach the strings when playing the guitar over a longer duration.

Easy to Tune:

The ukulele has fewer strings than the guitar. This makes it easier to tune the instrument.

Reason Why the Ukulele Can Be Difficult:

Bottom String Confusion

The ukulele is a fantastic instrument that is easy to pick up and play, but it’s also one of the easiest instruments to mess up.

On soprano and tenor ukuleles, the bottom string is not the lowest-pitched string, which makes learning the ukulele more challenging.

In fact, the lowest-pitched string is the second-to-bottom string!

It doesn’t matter, because the chords and tablatures are all adjusted for the ukulele’s unique string arrangement, and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

However, this may seem a bit strange to a beginner. Learners of pianos or guitars learn notes from the lowest pitch to the highest. Beginners may have a difficult time adjusting to this curveball. An experienced guitarist will have the same reaction when first picking up a ukulele–what is this?

There’s nothing difficult about it; it’s just a bit strange and somewhat new, especially when someone comes from guitar.


Is It Easier To Hold the Ukulele?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as everyone’s even ukes vary in sizes and all fingers are made different. However, generally speaking, it is easier to hold the ukulele if you have smaller hands.

Is Ukulele Easy for Guitar Players?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the difficulty of learning to play the ukulele will vary depending on your level of guitar playing. However, if you are a beginner who is looking to start playing the ukulele, it is likely that it will be easier for you to learn how to play the ukulele than it would be to learn how to play the guitar.

Is Ukulele The Easiest Instrument?

The right answer to this depends on the skills and your music goals. 

So I would go on to say that the Ukulele is not the easiest instrument to learn, but it is a great way to get started in music.

There are many different types of ukuleles available on the market, so it is important to find one that is comfortable for you to play.

Is It Better To Learn Ukulele First and Then Guitar?

If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of both instruments, then it would be better to start with Ukulele first. This will help you develop basic skills and understand the music theory behind both instruments.

After you have learned the basics of the Ukulele, you can then move on to learning the basics of Guitar. This will give you a wider range of sounds and styles to choose from, as well as improve your musical skills.

Should I Get a Guitar or a Ukulele For My Child?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best instrument for your child will depend on their age, skill level, and interests. However, a guitar or ukulele can both provide your child with a fun and educational experience that can help them develop important skills.

A guitar is typically recommended for children aged 6 to 12 years old, while ukuleles are generally better suited for children aged 4 to 8 years old. Both instruments are relatively easy to learn how to play, and they both come with a variety of instructional materials available online that can help your child start developing their musical skills right away.

Ultimately, it is important to choose an instrument that will fit your child’s personality and interests, and make learning music enjoyable for them.


Reasons like cheaper price, size and ease of playing are the typically reasons why most people go for uke over a guitar.

If you are new to guitar and you want to learn how to play, it may be a good idea for you to begin with the ukulele as it is an easy and fun instrument. They can be fun for beginners to play with as they are overall easier to play than the guitars.

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