5 Best Left Handed Guitar For Kids

Finding the right size guitar for your child is hard, it is even harder if your child is left-handed. In general, left-handed guitarists have fewer options for guitars when they need to buy an ax for themselves.

So, it is not surprising that companies that are not much invested in making adult-sized left-handed guitars will not or rather do not bother too much about making kids-size left-handed guitars.

So, what should you do? Well, when the options are low you get a chance to truly look out and compare each available product and buy the best.

When you have a plethora of options, it often becomes cumbersome or rather overwhelming to go through all the options and there’s always a chance you will miss something out.

So, let’s use fewer options as an opportunity to properly weigh your options and then make an informed purchase that will be great for you in the long term.

Want to learn about the best left-handed guitars for kids? In my research, the Pyle Left Handed ¾ Size Classical Acoustic Guitar is the best classical left handed guitar kid, the WINZZ HAND RUBBED, is the best acoustic left handed child guitar, and the Ibanez GRGM, is the best electric left handed kids guitar.

Best Left Handed Kids Guitars – According To Type

Classical Guitars

Pyle Left Handed ¾ Size Classical Acoustic Guitar

Pyle Left Handed ¾ Size Classical Acoustic Guitar
Pyle Left Handed ¾ Size Classical Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to classical guitars, they are the first choice for children and beginners for multiple reasons.

Firstly they have a good body size that is comfortable and fits children well, this Pyle model does the same.

Secondly, the nylon strings are very easy to play with and does not hurt the fingers of children even after playing for long hours. 

This Pyle model has soft nylon strings as well along with a basswood construction which is great for the tone of the guitar.

Overall the build and stability of this guitar are quite nice given its price point and the tone is round and full making this guitar a great purchase for children and beginners.

You should know that this guitar is a ¾ size guitar which means it has a shorter scale length than a full-size guitar making it more accessible for children. So, it’s a great option for children but it would be too small to play for adults.

  • ¾ size body perfect for children
  • Solid basswood construction
  • Soft nylon strings
  • Beginner-friendly
  • None for the price

Mad About Left Handed Children’s Classical Spanish Guitar

Mad About Left Handed Children's Classical Spanish Guitar
Mad About Left Handed Children’s Classical Spanish Guitar

I am not particularly mad about this guitar but I am also not mad about it either, get it?

Well, wordplay aside when you are looking for a good left handed classical guitar for your kids, this model does stand out with good quality build and a two-year warranty that makes it a perfect purchase for your kids.

The maple wood body and neck of this guitar is really good providing a good tone to this guitar.

The best feature of this guitar is the quality nylon strings that provides easy to play quality to this guitar for kids of all ages. As a half-size guitar, this model fits children of all ages.

Other than that this guitar comes with some cool accessories such as a nice gig bag, extra strings, picks, and a strap.

It’s a complete starter pack for kids who are just starting out with guitar and you can get good performance out of it.

  • Good build quality
  • Maple wood body and neck
  • Easy to play nylon strings
  • Beginner and child friendly body size
  • Average tuning stability

Acoustic Guitars



The WINZZ hand rubbed series guitar is a quality ¾ left handed acoustic guitar for kids. It is one of the rare models that has good specs and good tone making it a decent starting guitar for your left-handed kid.

This left handed ¾ guitar is built from basswood for the body. It has good resonance and tone that makes it a quality contender in its category. The phosphorus bronze strings are slightly easier to play than steel strings and they also have a distinct tone.

The action of this guitar is also set quite low making it the perfect kids guitar when combined with the ¾ size.

Overall, the specifications and the overall build quality of this guitar is good for children but I would not recommend it for adults as it is directed for beginners only.

It comes bundled with other accessories such as a gig bag, strings, picks, strap, tuner, and a guitar wall hanger.

  • ¾ size great for kids
  • Good resonant tone
  • Easy to play with phosphor bronze strings
  • Comes with a lot of free accessories
  • None for the price

Donner Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Donner Left Handed Acoustic Guitar
Donner Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

The Donner left-handed acoustic guitar is a full-size acoustic guitar but it can still be played by kids above the age of 12. For kids under that age, you can also try playing this guitar but it might feel too big for your body.

The spruce top mahogany body guitar is a classic left-handed acoustic guitar that is specifically built for beginners. The phosphor bronze strings on this guitar makes it easier to play for beginners.

One of the best features of this guitar is the adjustable truss rod that makes it easier for you to change the setting, especially the action of the guitar as per your needs.

This will help you if you feel the factory settings are too high for you. The sound and tone of this guitar are undeniably good and somewhat premium thanks to the good materials and build quality of this guitar.

  • Good specifications and materials
  • Very rich sound and classic tone
  • Good tuners and tuning stability
  • Comes with many free accessories
  • Full-size guitar too big for small children

Electric Guitars



The Ibanez GRGM21 is the left handed version of the Ibanez Mikro that I have featured in almost every list about electric guitars for kids.

This kids left handed electric guitar is one of the best electric guitars you can buy in that budget, and the best part is that you can play it as an adult too.

The specifications of this guitar are absolutely spectacular with great attention to detail on the build quality of this guitar. 

The poplar body paired with Ibanez’s own Infinity R pickups creates an amazing tone for this guitar that is great for rock and metal music.

Even though the tone may not have a lot of range or versatility the body and the playability of this guitar is very easy and simple for kids to play without any problems. 

In my opinion, this is perhaps the best and only left handed kids electric guitar that you should go for as the other models are not of the same quality as this one.

  • Great build quality
  • Quality Infinity R pickups
  • Amazing tone for rock and metal
  • Beginner-friendly & easy to play
  • Not very versatile tone

How To Buy Left Handed Guitars For Kids?

Buying guitars is an easy task when you know what you are doing. Guitars have essentially two parts the body and the neck and there are a few things about these two parts that can help you make the right choice about which guitar you should purchase and which you should not.

The Body

The body of the guitar is built from a variety of woods most commonly you will find Mahogany, Spruce, Poplar, and Basswood.

These wood selections are good for the body and provide solid build quality and a sturdy guitar that is able to withstand the test of time. You also get a distinct and quality tone when the body of your guitar is built from any of these woods.

There are other wood selections available for guitars as well but these woods are the best for guitars both acoustic and electric. So, you should always look for guitars that have these wood choices.

The Neck

The neck of the guitar is generally built from the same wood as the body in some cases or it is built from a different wood in others. You should follow the guideline about the wood choices mentioned above for the neck wood of your guitar as well.

As for the fingerboard or fretboard, it is best to go for guitars that have a rosewood fretboard or an ebony fretboard as they are the best quality and least prone to damage or cracking over time if maintained well.

Other than the wood choice, you should also ensure that the neck of the guitar fits your hand properly. Ideally, your hand should be able to completely grip the neck of the guitar when your thumb is implanted at the back of the neck. That is how you can find out if the neck of your guitar is the right size for your hands.

The Bridge & Tuners

The bridge and tuners of your guitar are what keeps it stable and in tune. If these two parts are not good you will have a hard time playing your guitar and you will also have a hard time keeping your guitar in tune.

The best way to ensure you have good tuners is to check the tuning ratio of your tuners. The best and the most industry standard is to go for 18:1 gear ratio tuners. 

For the bridge of your guitar, you can choose hardtail bridges that are built sturdy you can play the guitar and check if the bridge feels sturdy or not and you should also check the string holes of the bridge to ensure they are built properly and can hold your strings in place steadily.

These are the few things that you should check out before you purchase a left handed guitar.

Any problems in these aspects can not be fixed later so if you find your guitar does not have the things mentioned in this guide, it is best if you don’t go for that instrument.

Final Thoughts

Left-handed guitars are hard to come by especially when you are purchasing them for kids. You can follow the recommendations of this guide and purchase any of the guitars mentioned in this list as they are thoroughly researched and tested before being recommended.

You can also check out my other blogs about guitars and music to learn more about guitars in general. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments down below and till then best wishes for your musical journey.

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