Best Guitars for Worship

Best Guitars for Worship

Set the worship music for the church reach new religious heights with the Best Guitars for worship and praise. With the clear lift in the manufacturing of the overall quality of guitars, it is definitely not a difficult task to make almost any guitar sound good. However, it is possible for you to get lost in … Read more

6 Best 1/2 Size Guitars

Best 1/2 size guitars

Looking for the Best 1/2 Size Guitars? Find them all in this piece. The name is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to a half-size guitar. It’s a guitar that is half the size of a regular guitar. But why? A shorter scale length is not a necessity; in today’s day and age, people are fighting … Read more

The Best Ukulele For Kids

Best Ukulele For Kids

Learning a musical instrument can have a lot of benefits for kids, but the problem that is most often faced by parents is to find an instrument that is easy to play without it being too boring, an instrument that fits their child, and an instrument that does not cause physical pain to play and … Read more

10 Easy Ukulele Songs For Kids

Easy Ukulele Songs For Kids

Ukulele is one of the best instruments for children and adults but mostly for children in my opinion. The sweet sounds of a ukulele can be the start to a budding musical career in no time and there is no better time to start right now from an early age to ensure your child is … Read more

10 Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

Getting started on guitar is tough. The guitar is a difficult instrument for beginners as it is quite unforgiving. Your soft skin is not prepared to be fighting against the metal strings and to add salt to your wounds, your guitar might even have a high action making it even more difficult for you to … Read more

Best 7/8 Guitars & Why You Should Buy Them?

7/8 Guitars

A ⅞ guitar is a smaller version of regular size guitars that is targeted mainly at kids, women, and people with small hands. The size difference between ⅞ guitars and standard regular size guitars are the smallest. These guitars are specced almost exactly as standard size guitars and they play surprisingly well. In terms of … Read more